Adapt to survive – digital transformation in insurance

Adapt to survive – digital transformation in insurance

The end of the insurance industry… as we know it.

The digital revolution is turning the insurance industry on its head. Some organisations will survive and others face an uncertain future. How will you adapt? The insurance industry is a vast consumer of information that requires human expertise to turn disparate reams of data in actionable insights – but the industry is changing. The driver of this revolution is technology. Small tech providers are snapping on the heels of the big name incumbents. The question is how do you adapt to this challenging new digital environment?

In this exclusive playbook we bring you expert insight from top business leaders and entrepreneurs in the insurance industry:

  • Spiros Margaris, Advisory Board Member, Werthstein AG
  • Sébastien Meunier, Senior Manager, Chappuis Halder & Co
  • Assaf Wand, CEO & Co-Founder, Hippo Insurance
  • Craig Bedell, Global Insurance Industry Executive, IBM Watson
  • Rusty Sproat, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Figo Pet Insurance
  • Amanda Lettmann, COO & Paul Mineck, CMO, Simple Disability Insurance
  • Bryan Colyer, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, Dohrmann Insurance
  • Steve Jenkins, Staff Vice President, Business Improvement Group, Anthem Inc.

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