September 18-20, 2017

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Why Transformation Is A Top-to-bottom initiative

The Insurance industry is facing extensive operational challenges with a disruptive market and consumer changes leaving insurers with no choice: innovate or die.

As a result, many are undertaking a complete top-to-bottom transformation. One such U.S insurer is Liberty Mutual, who are exploring new ways to automate and operationalize to transform their processes.

We spoke to the Director of Special Projects – Process and Technology, Sidharth Grover, to find out what he and his team are looking to gain from attending the Operational Excellence in Insurance event in Hartford Connecticut this October 17-19, 2016.

How Data Analytics is Changing the Competitive Insurance Industry

Craig Bedell, Global Insurance Industry Executive, IBM Watson has over thirty years experience in P&C insurance. Ahead of the 4th Annual OPEX Insurance: Disruptive Transformation Summit, advisory board member Bedell reveals his insights on the rapid and vast change in the insurance industry and his top pointers for leveraging digital transformation to bring together operational excellence and innovation.

In this in-depth PEX Network interview, Bedell shares his outlook on how data analytics is changing the competitive insurance industry and the untapped treasure trove of data insight to be gleaned from outside the four walls of their organizations.


5 Operational Excellence / Transformative Strategies for Insurers

The insurance market has been under pressure to transform for many years now. While the competitive landscape is experiencing significant shifts and technology continues to disrupt the market, insurers also have lots of opportunities to respond, adopt change, transform their services, and become the provider their customers are looking for.

Download the report to discover the five strategies for organizations that want to succeed in the new generation of insurance services.

3 OpEx Pillars for Insurance Firms

Three thought leaders detail a key pillar of OpEx best practice each.

PILLAR 1: Creating the Right Operational Excellence Framework - John Martino (Aetna)
PILLAR 2: Communicate Change Management Enterprise-wide - Angie Kennard (Marsh)
PILLAR 3: Striking the Right Balance: Linking Strategy with Operations - Steve Jenkins (Anthem)


How Allstate is building a customer-centric insurance company

The PEXNetwork caught up with key speaker Allstate’s CI Methodology Lead, HowardGrunwell to get a snapshot into how the company is responding to customers’changing expectations and transforming the customer experience.  

Voice of the Customer - Is it Heard in Insurance

As customers demand more, the insurance industry has to listen or lose out. An effective voice of the customer programme (VoC) will not only create an environment got continuous improvement, but also provide a competitive advantage in an increasingly crowded market. Download this interview with Lisa Schilling VP of Healthcare Performance Improvement, Kaiser Permanente.

Healthcare Insurance: Enhancing the consumer experience with telematics

Darren Olson is Director of Consumer Innovation, UPMC Health Plan. Under his leadership, the Consumer Innovation Department has grown significantly in both size and scope, representing expertise in human-centered design, visual design, product and service design and experience strategy.

In this PEX Network interview, Olson shares some of the ways the company is improving the current consumer experience with telematics.

Are You Ready for Digital Transformation? How Desjardins is Solidifying the Customer Service Performance Environment to Get Ready for Going Digital

Operational Excellence in Insurance speaker Benoit Gowigati VP, Performance and Operational Excellence at Desjardins General Insurance, shares his insights on creating the right environment for digital transformation at the third-largest property and casualty insurance company in Canada.

Innovation is Worth Nothing Unless it is Operationally Excellent

Sébastien Meunier, Senior Manager, Chappuis Halder & Co., is an expert in innovation in finance, among the top 10 fintech influencers on social media. He has successfully defined business strategies and led global transformations in financial institutions, from Business Lines to IT / Operations and Transverse functions. Ahead of the 4th Annual OPEX Insurance: Disruptive Transformation Summit, key speaker Meunier discusses the threat digital disruption poses for incumbents, and how the industry is moving towards increasing personalization, decentralization and better risk management. Meunier also shares his insights 4 ways blockchain is transforming business.


Driving a leadership culture at all levels - 3rd Annual Operational Excellence in Insurance Summit

In this presentation Mr. Cowieson gives an impressive overview on how to drive leadership culture at all levels.

Download this video to hear about:
  • Why leadership is not common behavior across most large organizations – how to drive to a leadership culture at all
  • The attributes of a leader
  • Team as a vehicle for change
  • Common barriers to driving a change agenda – overcoming them takes energy and commitment from the top
  • Reality of project confidence and support
  • Focus on the end-to-end process – the need to understand what is going on and identify what can be improved to meaningfully impact the business


Tomorrow’s World - The Future of Insurance

We look ahead to find out what the future has in store for operational excellence in insurance and which technologies will dominate the industry in 18 months time. What role will InsurTech play in driving the industry forward? How will organizations effectively use change management in their transitions to one corporate operational excellence strategy? What are the top 3 levers for successfully optimizing operational excellence?

Ahead of the 4th Annual OPEX Insurance: Disruptive Transformation summit, the PEX Network surveyed over 165 professionals to explore key priorities and areas of investment for their process improvement and operational excellence programs.

Explore our infographic to find out more about tomorrow’s world.

[Infographic] A History of Insurance Timeline

The insurance industry has always been one of the most competitive in the world and dates back to the beginnings of human society. Take a walk through the history of insurance with this insightful timeline which  pinpoints some of the key historical developments in insurance, from Chinese traders spreading the risk of shipping cargo in third millennia BC to the plethora of insurance comparison sites available today. Download your complimentary today and chart the developments in insurance industry from 3000BC to today.

Adapt to survive – digital transformation in insurance

The end of the insurance industry… as we know it.

The digital revolution is turning the insurance industry on its head. Some organisations will survive and others face an uncertain future. How will you adapt? The insurance industry is a vast consumer of information that requires human expertise to turn disparate reams of data in actionable insights – but the industry is changing. The driver of this revolution is technology. Small tech providers are snapping on the heels of the big name incumbents. The question is how do you adapt to this challenging new digital environment?

In this exclusive playbook we bring you expert insight from top business leaders and entrepreneurs in the insurance industry:

  • Spiros Margaris, Advisory Board Member, Werthstein AG
  • Sébastien Meunier, Senior Manager, Chappuis Halder & Co
  • Assaf Wand, CEO & Co-Founder, Hippo Insurance
  • Craig Bedell, Global Insurance Industry Executive, IBM Watson
  • Rusty Sproat, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, Figo Pet Insurance
  • Amanda Lettmann, COO & Paul Mineck, CMO, Simple Disability Insurance
  • Bryan Colyer, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Innovation, Dohrmann Insurance
  • Steve Jenkins, Staff Vice President, Business Improvement Group, Anthem Inc.


Establishing a Culture of Innovation

The biggest pay-offs will go to those that initiate digital disruption. There is an expanding gap between companies that have been fast movers in the digital space, versus those that are lagging behind. Having an innovation studio model  allows for rapid assessment and deployment of innovative solutions. Although it is still a relatively new approach for Anthem, the innovation studio has already driven considerable opportunities to leverage things like digital ID cards, expanded self-service payment solutions and more comprehensive health dashboards and information for their members. In this exclusive Pex Network interview Steve Jenkins, Staff Vice President, Business Improvement Group, Anthem Inc, reveals how the company’s innovation studio is successfully fostering an innovative and collaborative environment.

InsurTech – A Force Awakens

What’s next for InsurTech and how will it affect business transformation in the insurance industry?

Spiros Margaris is an internationally renowned venture capitalist and adviser to FinTech and InsurTech companies and financial institutions, and globally ranked as a No. 1 FinTech & No. 2 InsurTech Influencer by Onalytica. Spiros is a member of the advisory board for the 4th Annual OPEX Insurance: Disruptive Transformation Summit - the leading meeting place for senior operational excellence and process improvement professionals.

Ahead of the #OPEXInsurance event, taking place in Atlanta from September 18-20, 2017, Andrea Charles, Senior Editor at the PEX Network caught up with Spiros to find out what is next for InsurTech and how it will impact operational excellence and business transformation in the insurance industry.

Download your complimentary copy of the interview:

Realizing Opportunities for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

Customers now want simplicity. They want on demand. They want clear pricing and product features. They want customized, personalized and tailored solutions when it comes to critical financial services solutions, such as insurance. Find out how market disrupter, Simple Disability Insurance is transforming the disability insurance industry with technology that allows distributors, carriers, and customers to have a quality and simple experience. Hear how they are responding to changing customer demands and successfully leveraging data analytics and business intelligence in insurance.

Developing Technology that Transcends

Everyone is trying to differentiate their product and the way to do that is by improving the customer relationship: how your company engages and communicates with the customer, and how the customer communicates with your company. In this exclusive PEX Network interview serial entrepreneur, Rusty Sproat, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Figo Pet Insurance, reveals the steps he has taken to leverage technology to improve delivery and create a seamless customer experience. Sproat also shares his insights on the  critical factors to consider when successfully integrating new technology with legacy systems.

The Challenges of Legacy Baggage and Regulatory Overhead

Legacy baggage and regulatory overhead are two of the key challenges that the insurance industry is currently facing with respect to digital disruption. Assaf Wand, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder Hippo Insurance, shares his insights on the current state of digital transformation insurance and how InsurTech is reshaping the industry.


[VIDEO] What will the Insurer of 2030 Look Like?

Ahead of the 4th Annual OPEX Insurance: Disruptive Transformation Summit 2017, the PEX Network asked 8 industry experts that very question. Find out what the experts below had to say:

  • Spiros Margaris, Advisory Board Member - Werthstein AG
  • Sébastien Meunier, Senior Manager - Chappuis Halder & Co
  • Steve Jenkins Staff Vice President, Business Improvement Group - Anthem Inc.
  • Assaf Wand, CEO & Co-Founder - Hippo Insurance
  • Jeff Brown, ‎Senior Vice President - Head of Worldwide Operations - CNA Insurance
  • Craig Bedell, Global Insurance Industry Executive - IBM Watson
  • Rusty Sproat, Chief Executive Officer & Founder - Figo Pet Insurance
  • Amanda Lettmann, Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder - Simple Disability Insurance


Who Will You Meet at #OPEXInsurance?

Download your complimentary copy of the attendee list for sneak peek at who will connect and network with at the 4th Annual OPEX Insurance: Disruptive Transformation Summit 2017 >>


OpEx in Insurance 2016 Post Show Report

The 2016 Post Show Report is here with everything you need to know about our 2016 event including: - Quick Stats from the Event - Key discussions and what was new for 2016 - An overview of the Audience - And what to expect from OpEx in Insurance 2017!

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